We've been helping everyday people with affordable banking since 2001.


You don't need to change banks to become a Member of the Credit Union - you can just start saving or apply for a great local personal loan.


Feel good about being different.​

Join over 25,000 people like you who have joined us since 2001. You could be part of local not-for-profit community banking too.


It's the exclusive club for people who like to keep things local.




  • We invest locally.
  • We are a true ethical business.
  • We support the local community.
  • We dont have greedy shareholders - only Members like you.


Who are we - find out more?

Savings | Cash ISAs | Christmas Clubs | Current Accounts and Personal Loans.



When you join the Credit Union you'll become a Member. This means you have a say in how we run our business and how you want us to help the community. You'll belong to a company that gives its profits back to Members as a dividend* and the rest goes back in to the community in one way or another. 





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Hampshire Credit Union - be different.