We're the unstuffy alternative to the big bad bank.


"We're a not-for-profit co-operative that offers ethical banking to local people while reinvesting profits and money back into the local community".




A Credit Union is for everyone in your local community.


Credit Unions are community co-operatives that offer savings, loans and current accounts. 

Hampshire Credit Union is a not-for-profit & ethical Credit Union for people living and working in Hampshire. We've been offering community banking for local people across Hampshire since 2001.


We are among an established and recognised group of ‘ethical lenders’.  We never invest in dubious financial schemes, high risk investments or things we think are simply not very ethical.


We have a common-bond with Hampshire. This means that we only offer our community banking products and services to people who live or work in Hampshire. We are exclusively local.

We're 100% safe & secure.

Regulated by the Bank of England and the Financial Conduct Authority and your money is protected by the government £85,000 compensation scheme.



Community banking is about keeping it local.


Local money that stays in the local economy.


We’re here to help everyone who lives or works in Hampshire and our Member's are from every part of society. They teach, build roads, own businesses and are homemakers. That’s what makes us a part of your community.


If you prefer the idea of big corporate banks making big profits to pay big bonuses to staff and investing your money in places from Manchester to Madrid you probably won’t like us. We are a local business.


Every penny we make goes back into the local community or economy in one way or another. 


We serve everyone in the community including those that are financially excluded or have had financial hardship. 


We don’t expect you to give up on your current bank, but why not take a look at our ethical products like our loans and savings accounts. 



Just one way our income gets back in to your local community - find out


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